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1.) Q: How much do you charge per lesson?
A: We have flat rate obedience/ off leash programs that range from $105-$1850, 3-10 lessons, depends on which program you sign up for.

2.) Q: Do I come to you and do the training?
A: No, we come to your home and do the training in your environment. At times we can meet at public places, Example: Home Depot, or near by Park.

3.) Q: Do you train puppies?
A: Yes, but a puppy must be at least 4 months of age and up to date with all their shots.

4.) Q: How do we get started with the training?
A: Step one is to schedule an evaluation for you and your dog, which is $105. Once we complete this evaluation, you will select which obedience program you want to sign up for.

5.) Q: Do you use E-Collar?
A: Yes, for off leash training, some programs include E-Collar in pricing.

6.) Q: Do you use treats/cookies in your training?
A: No, we replace treats with "Praise". Dogs love a pat on the head for a good job. We want your dog to listen to you, not for what you're holding in your hand.

7.) Q: How do you socialize my dog/dogs?
A: We bring our own dogs to help socialize and teach your dog/dogs how to properly act. Another Option is you bring your dog to our Facility for Socializing.

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