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K-9 Trainers

Joe Corsi
Lead Trainer (Owner)
Hi Im Joe Corsi, I have been working with dogs since 2018. I started my journey training my dog Sasha, teaching her advanced obedience and off leash training. I have practiced multiple training methods over the years and I have perfected them and use them in all of my training programs. My passion is helping people with their dogs and my number one goal is to get my clients the results they want. I enjoy helping clients create a strong bond with their dogs, it is a very satisfying feeling and that drives me to love my job more and more each day.

I am an advanced instructor in General obedience training, Puppy training, Off leash training and Aggressive behavior modification.

I have a law enforcement background, practicing my studies at the community college of Rhode Island achieving my Associates degree for Criminal Justice.
Hi I'm Christine I've been working at Strategic K-9 Training since 2020. I was trained by Lead Trainer Joe Corsi. I have a love for dogs of all sizes and I'm an expert in patience and teaching. As a former preschool teacher and massage therapist, demonstrating techniques and following directions is my specialty. I am a puppy & adult obedience trainer at Strategic K-9 Training.
John Garcia
Hi I'm John I've been working at Strategic K-9 Training Since 2021. I was trained by Lead Trainer Joe Corsi completing all levels of requirements to receive my certified dog trainer certificate. I am a Puppy & Adult Obedience Trainer at Strategic K-9. My background is in sales, I've always loved working with people with the ultimate goal being customer satisfaction.
Ami CinqMars

Ami started her Journey training dogs in 2021 training as a client with Strategic K-9 Training. Ami first reached out to lead Trainer Joe Corsi needing help training her dog Milo. Ami & Milo Completed Strategic K-9's Advanced Obedience Program along with the Advanced Off Leash Program. After her experience with Lead Trainer Joe, Ami was inspired to learn more. Ami worked closely with Joe In his shadowing program, shadowing him at the K-9 Social Group at Rumford Pets Center in Warwick RI. Ami Completed The Adult & Puppy Trainer Program for Strategic K-9 Training 03/01/2023 and is now a certified Dog Trainer. Ami has been working along side of Lead trainer Joe in his "Train the Trainers" Program for 2 Months making her the fastest trainer to get certified for Strategic K-9 Training. During the training experience Lead Trainer Joe noticed one of her many talents is paying close attention to detail. Ami's best characteristic most definitely is her passion and how much empathy she has with clients and dogs. Ami puts herself in her clients shoes everyday because she was once a client that desperately needed help. It is Ami's mission to get owners the results they need for their dogs.