Online Bronze

Basic Obedience
3 Online lessons
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  • Fix Leash Pulling
    -Learn Sit/Stay
  • Fix Lunging
    -Stop Jumping
  • Heel
    -Fix Unwanted Behaviors

Online Gold

Advanced Obedience
6 Lessons Online Lessons
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  • Advanced Off leash control
  • Heel Off Leash
    Stay Off Leash
  • Advanced Off Leash Commands
    -come when called commands
  • Fix Lunging
    -Fix Reactivity
    -Stop Jumping
    -Stop Digging
    -Impulse control
    -Stay with distractions
    -Controlled greetings
  • Stop ALL Unwanted Behaviors
  • One E-Collar Included In Program
Online Training With Strategic K-9 Training!

Online Zoom Dog Training:

Participants can attend training sessions from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for travel.

Flexibility: Online sessions can be scheduled to accommodate various time zones and participants schedules.

Cost-Effective: Online training often has lower fees because there are reduced overhead costs associated with running a physical facility.

Recorded Sessions: Sessions can be recorded, allowing participants to review the material later for reinforcement.

Accessible Expertise: Participants can connect with trainers from around the world, accessing a broader range of expertise.

Limited Physical Interaction:
Trainers cannot physically interact with the dog, which can be a drawback for some training techniques.

Distractions: Dogs might be more easily distracted in their home environments, making it challenging to maintain focus during training.

Equipment Limitations: Some training exercises may require specific equipment that participants need to have on hand, which we would provide for you before by sending the equipment to your home before starting training.

Environment Variability: Training results might vary based on the home environment's distractions and setup.

In Person Training VS Online Training

Basic Program

3 lessons


Ultimate Experience Program

4 Lessons


Advanced Program

6 Lessons