See What Our Clients Say About Our Work!

Fate P

Strategic K9 is the place where you can get your dog to reach the goals you had in mind for them when they were just a puppy! Before Joe, I was feeling discouraged, frustrated, and disappointed in myself that my dog was having behavioral issues after all the “treat bribing” training he has gone through in the past. After just 2 weeks, Brady’s behavioral issues were basically gone and we could really start back up on obedience. In a total of 6 weeks, Brady was off leash obeying each command such as heel, sit, down, stay, come, etc. Joe gives you all the tools and support to work with your dog and reach your goals. I am truly grateful and cannot say enough good things about Strategic K9!

Barbara W

Working with Joe was a great experience! We wanted someone to teach us how to train our dogs with loose leash walking, off leash with e-collar, and to stop jumping on people. In just 4 weeks time we accomplished all these goals with the techniques he taught us! On a side note; I had already been to 3 group dog training courses with my dogs, paid for training thru daycare, and paid for a month with a different private trainer. Wish I had found Joe first, it would have saved me a lot more money! I recommend Joe to anyone who needs training with their dog, he was a pleasure to work with and you will actually see results!

Anthony J

Our 2 year old mixed breed Enzo, who we adopted as a puppy, started  showing aggressive behavior when people he was unfamiliar with came into our home or onto our property.  Joe saw this first hand when he came to do an evaluation.  Within a few visits and lessons from Joe, Enzo’s behavior has drastically improved and we know exactly what to do if he is in an unfamiliar situation or experiences a trigger.  We highly recommend Joe - we tried several other trainers but Joe’s method is by far the most effective.

Patricia G

Joe is a fantastic trainer, I never thought my dog Zelda would get along with other dogs! After a few short weeks, my Zelda had a complete turn around! I can now peacefully walk down my neighborhood without constant pulling and barking at other dogs walking by. A night and day difference, I was very happy with my results!

Jillian P

I am beyond thankful for all he has done. He helped me from just wanting my dogs to stop jumping on everyone and then now we are off leash !! Now that’s only part of the miracle because it’s was the dedication from Joe and him having the patients and training me and my two dogs. I had no control before Joe came into our life’s and showed us how to gain control and No treats needed for your dogs to learn it’s just praise. I could be go on for days about Joe but if anyone ever wants to know or see the difference we have videos to prove the control. K-9 Joe is the Man

Ray C

We cannot say enough great things about Joe and his training! From day one there was a significant difference. We went from having two dogs that we had no control of to having two obedient, calm, and trustworthy pups. I never in a million years thought we’d be able to peacefully sit at a restaurant with our Malinois or have our Shiba Inu off leash. Just to put things into perspective: On day one our Malinois greeted Joe by barking and lunging at him. Within an hour she was walking in a perfect heel alongside him. Now she walks off leash and ignores all distractions. The training sessions are designed to give your dog success and allows them to become an expert at the weekly lesson plan before moving to the next. Joe is able to identify the behaviors in your dog that are unwanted and develops a plan to make those behaviors desirable. One of the best things about this training is that Joe makes himself available to answer any questions that arise when working with your dog alone. This was extremely relieving to know because I felt like there was less confusion brought onto the dogs. Joe truly wants to see success in every dog and it has showed throughout each week of training. Our only regret is that we did not do this training sooner!!