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Become part of Rhode Island's most successful dog training family. At Strategic K-9 Training, we transform challenges into triumphs, creating harmonious relationships between pups and their people. Experience personalized training that meets your dog's unique needs and your highest expectations

Unleash the True Potential of Your Canine Companion with Rhode Island's Premier Dog Training

With a history of training over 600+ dogs, Strategic K-9 Training in Rhode Island stands out with tailored training programs deeply rooted in a unique understanding of canine psychology, leading to countless success stories. Our approach has transformed even the most disobedient pets into well-mannered companions, fostering not only improved behaviors but also stronger family bonds. Our dedication extends beyond mere training to ensuring the complete satisfaction of every client, reflected in our 100% satisfaction rate. At Strategic K-9 Training, we’re not just training dogs; we’re nurturing lifelong partnerships between pets and their families

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Our Reviews

Considering her age, I wasn’t very hopeful that the training would have any effect on her but it absolutely did. Joe answered all of the questions I had very promptly and was very honest throughout the whole process.

Alaria Perretta March 2024

We recommend Joe and his team 100%. Before working with Strategic K-9, Plato was nervous and reactive in public spaces, but now he feels confident and calm!

Emily Bivens December 2023

Great experience working with John. He really taught us how to communicate with our GSD Toga. He's a real professional!

David Avanzo March 2024

Joe is fantastic. At the initial evaluation, we knew immediately Joe was the right trainer just by the way he interacted with our dog Apollo. He explained his training program and interacted with Apollo in a kind and calm manner.

Ronald Desnoyers March 2024

I cannot recommend Joe and his team enough for their outstanding training program ! After reviewing multiple training programs in RI, we landed on Strategic K-9 Training because of their one on one approach right at your home.

Jennifer Conway August 2023

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I rescued Tate in April of this year and right away I knew I wanted him to gain a sense of stability and routine. The shelter I adopted him from recommended training just from what they knew of his past.

Megan Johnson July 2023

Thank you Joe and Amy, you guys are truly the best out there! My boyfriend and I are so lucky to have found the two of you and can’t thank you enough for not only training our dogs, but for training us so that we can be the best for them!

Sophia Monti February 2023

Sydney was very helpful to our family learning how to properly challenge and train Wendy, our 1 year old Shepard/bull terrier mix. I would absolutely recommend strategic k-9 to my friends :)

Stephanie Stephenson January 2024

Our 2 year old mixed breed Enzo, who we adopted as a puppy, started showing aggressive behavior when people he was unfamiliar with came into our home or onto our property. Joe saw this first hand when he came to do an evaluation.

Anthony Jodice March 2023
Award Winning Dog Training

At Strategic K-9 Training, we redefine what it means to train your dog. Our expert team, led by some of Rhode Island's most acclaimed dog trainers, brings a level of excellence and dedication that is unrivaled. Our methods are not just effective; they are transformative, turning the most challenging behaviors into opportunities for growth and bonding.

Our success isn't just measured in numbers, but in the smiles of our clients and the wagging tails of their dogs. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive understanding of canine behavior, which allows us to create personalized training strategies that cater to the unique needs of each dog and their family. This bespoke approach ensures not just temporary compliance, but lasting behavioral change.

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Why Choose Strategic K-9 Training?
Lifetime Investment

You're not just getting temporary solutions; you're receiving enduring education and support that grow and evolve with your pet.

Fair Pricing

We offer transparent, fair pricing without compromising on the quality of our service. Experience the best in dog training, structured to fit every budget

Top Trainers

Benefit from our trainers' deep understanding of canine behavior, leveraging their expertise to unlock your dog's full potential.

Customized Plans

Enjoy a personalized approach designed to bring out the best in your pet, fostering a stronger bond and more effective results.

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Meet The Team

Joe Lead Trainer

Welcome to the world of canine companionship! I'm Joe, a devoted dog trainer with a heartfelt passion for fostering unbreakable bonds between dogs and their owners. With a journey that began in 2018, I've immersed myself in the art of dog training, refining my skills through countless hours of practice, study, and hands-on experience.

Sydney Trainer

Greetings, fellow dog enthusiasts! I'm Sydney, a high school psychology teacher who has discovered a remarkable intersection between two of my greatest passions: psychology and animals. With a Bachelor's of Science in psychology and a Master's of Education journey in progress, I've embarked on a journey that blends the intricacies of the human mind with the boundless affection of our canine companions.

John Trainer

Hey there, I'm John—Certified Dog Trainer since 2021 A dog enthusiast with a heart full of positivity and a lifetime of canine companionship. Growing up surrounded by furry friends, I've developed a keen understanding of the unique bond between humans and dogs. My infectious energy is not just for the two-legged folks; it's something that dogs pick up on too. Training dogs has always been a dream of mine, and now, I'm living that dream by helping others achieve remarkable results through our obedience training programs.

Christine Trainer

Hello fellow dog enthusiasts! I'm Christine, and I've found my true calling at Strategic K-9 Training since 2020. With a heart that beats for dogs of all sizes and a unique background that spans teaching and massage therapy, I bring a blend of patience, teaching prowess, and genuine passion to every training session.

Patricia Scheduling Coordinator

Hello and welcome to a world where furry companions are treated with care, respect, and understanding! I'm Patricia, a passionate dog groomer and a vital member of the Strategic K-9 Training team. With over a decade of experience working closely with dogs, I've gained insights that allow me to provide exceptional customer service and support for both human and canine clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per lesson?

We have basic to advanced obedience programs, also offering Off Leash Programs Pricing Ranges from $175-$1500, 3-7 lessons, depends on which program you sign up for.

Do I come to you and do the training?

We come to your home or you have the option to come to our facility and do the training in your environment. At times we can meet at public places, Example: Home Depot, or near by Park.

Do you train puppies?

Yes, but a puppy must be at least 4 months of age and up to date with all their shots.

How do we get started with the training?

Step one is to schedule an Evaluation for you and your dog, which is $175. Once we complete this evaluation, you will select which obedience program you want to sign up for.

Do you use E-Collar?

Yes, for off leash training, some programs include E-Collar in pricing.

Do you use treats/cookies in your training?

No, we replace treats with "Praise". Dogs love a pat on the head for a good job. We want your dog to listen to you, not for what you're holding in your hand.

How do you socialize my dog/dogs?

We bring our own dogs to help socialize and teach your dog/dogs how to properly act. Another Option is you bring your dog to our Facility for Socializing.

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